Tambaoson | ACTIVITIES
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Weekly Activities with the Pagoda Tam Bao Son


The activities of the pagoda have been regularly maintained for the 10 last years in spite of the sudden starts of the life Montréalaise. Every Sunday at 10 a.m., takes place the weekly ceremony to recite will mantras them, lira will soutras them, to commemorate deaths and to request for the wellbeing of the alive ones. It is survival of a sermont given by the Worthy Abbots and ready of the Pagoda. At the beginning of this afternoon towards 13h, there is a practice of the “Pure Earth” in which several faithful take part. This ceremony is survival towards 14h30 by sessions of course on the religion and the precepts of Bodhisattva. The faithful practise are very studious in the study on the Teaching of Buddha. Lately, it ya a special ceremony of prostrations for the “Dai Bi Xuat Tuong” and of recitations of Soutra “Dai Bi”, every saturday with 14h00 under the direction of the Monks. Several faithful made a wish of practiquer to this ceremony in order to request for the success of the project of implementation of the monastery “the Large Forest of the Pines” (Dai Tong lam Tam Bao Son). Sessions of confession are organized twice a month at Sundays in order to make it possible to the Buddhists to confess the made ill deeds and to promise not to repeat more.


Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật

Đại Tòng lâm Tam Báo sơn Xin thông báo cùng quí vị, Đại Đức Thích Pháp Thể đã viên tịch vào sáng chủ nhật, 6/10 nhâm dần ̣̣ lúc  7 h 00 sáng. (30/10/2022).  Hạ lạp 33 năm, hưởng thọ 90 tuổi.

Chương trình tang lể

  1. Thứ ba, 8/11/2022 :   7 h 30 sáng Tại nhả quuàn Magnus Poirier, 222 Boul des Laurentides. Laval, H7G 2T6.
  2. Ḷúc 9 h 45 di quan về Đại Tòng Lâm, Tam Bảo Sơn.  Lể 11 h 45.
  3. Lúc 12 h 45, di quan vể nhà Thiêu,  5505 Rang du bas Saint Francois, Laval, H7C OG3

Kính mời quí vị vể tham dự.

  1. Thầy Thích Phổ Tịnh.