Tambaoson | HISTORY
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Activities of Sangha

Tam Bao Son requires that all its monks/nuns to follow courses in its school during spring and the summer. It is also of their responsibility to guide all the Buddhists who want to go and to pay their regards, in all the crowned places of TAM BAO SON. Further Tam BaoSon monks/nuns weekly must also lead the ceremonies and the sermons to give to everyone. Lastly, in a spirit of harmony with the human nature and of autonomy, our monks/religious are awaited to plant their own fruit and vegetables. During the autumn and the winter, monks/nuns to study full-time, like, to endeavour to put in practice daily what they learned. The most Venerable Thich Thien Nghi teaches all the classes. Tam Bao Son Buddhist monks/nuns study writings in 4 languages: traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, English and French. They sing will soutras (Buddhist writings) at the beginning of morning, in the afternoon, and the evening. They can also take consents daily ritual with themselves. Tam Bao Son monastery accepts all those which want to become monk/nun without discrimination as for the national origin, the ethnic membership, the “race”, and/or of color. Our goal is to encourage and train any person who wishes in the future to become a good spiritual leader by the preaching of the teaching of the Buddha in the Buddhist communities.