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In the Dîghanikàya, Ananda ask the Buddha a question that is at the heart of this work. “Some Buddhist monks, including knowledgeable men, who understand Buddhist doctrine and teachings, or have worth of character, often come to visit you to get advise. In fact, I often ask or discuss with them about your teaching. But, after you have passed into Paranirvana, they won’t come anymore; so with whom I might talk or discuss with? The Buddha answered: “Ananda, you should not be worried, my disciples later on, including Sangha and lay people, will have 4 holy places where they can go to remember my teachings:

The garden of Lumbini – Bodhigaya – Isipatana – Kusinara

In these 4 holy places, they will be able to pay their respects. It is there, after I have passes into Paranirvana, That Buddhist will be able to know the blessings they can hope to attain as they memorise their experiences in these 4 holy places. Then, after they die, they will be able to reach the highest level of the 33 levels of Saints in Tushita Heaven, prior to Enlightenment”

It is in this spirit that we have tried to build Tam Bao Son as a recreation of the 4 sacred places of the historic Buddha. Appropriately, it is here, that we have striven to harmonise the Buddha’s sacred vision, born in the foothills of the world’s tallest mountain-the Himalayas, within these Laurentain foothills, majestic and rolling remnants of the oldest mountain range on Earth.


Especially, the principal Temple gives to the traditional vision of this monastery more peaceful and more useful than everywhere else in North America. According to the teaching of the Buddha, all the Buddhists should have once in their life to pay their respect with 4 holy places of the Buddha.


Our objective is to help promote Buddhism in North America. To this end, our monastery is not only a school for Buddhist monks, but also a convenient place for Buddhist lay people to practice their spiritual life. After 12 long years of work, we have almost finished some of our important projects.

It is here, that the Tam Bao Son has stood solemnly within the natural beauty of this peaceful land where our Buddha statues may reveal their quintessential meanings. An objective that we have consciously striven to craft around the harmony created by the location of the principal Temple.


In fact, Tam Bao Son is the realisation of the Buddha’s teachings. It is a place where all Buddhists, may come, at least once in their lives, to pay respect to the 4 holy places of the Buddha. For us, as a Buddhist community, this is extremely important, as Buddhism is meant for everyone. It is without nation, colour, and is  beyond the limits of any single culture. It is in this spirit that Tam bao Son is being created as an invitation to all!


All the pictures in this book are the fruits  collected by the sangha; Buddhist lay people, the société Bouddhique Chanh Phap, The Union of Vietnamese Buddhist Churches in Canada and other Buddhists communities in Canada between 1988 and 2000.

This Book is now being transferred into as a new website online “State of the Art of The Buddhism” as well, reflects the realization during those twenty years of some of the main projects of the Most Venerable Director Thich Thien Nghi, Founder of the Monastery, whose vision helped guide and drive the successful completion of this important first step in the development of Buddhism in Canada.


It is also, our fervent hope that this book, this website as great Buddhism history as well will help Buddhist scholars learn more about the history of Buddhism in Canada.


We, also, wish to honour all the contributions of all the Sanghas and Buddhist lay people across North America, who helped in the successful completion of this project. All your work is memorialised in the peaceful lands of the Tam bao Son Monastery.


Dès le 25 juin 2021, le gouvernement du Québec a permis des activités et événements publics extérieurs selon des règles particulières. Le Grand Forêt des Pins, Tam Bao Son, décide de réouverture ses lieux Saints aux visiteurs à la fin de semaine à partir du 3/7/2021 au 28/11/2021 de 10 h 00 à 16 h 00. Durant la semaine, le site est fermé.


  1. Un registre est requis, à chaque automobile, autobus ou motocyclette, au moment de l’entrée sur le site. Le conducteur doit déclarer le nombre de personnes prenant place dans le véhicule, numéro de la plaque d’immatriculation et son numéro de téléphone dans le cas de besoin de contacter par le Grand Forêt des Pins.
  2. Les visiteurs doivent désinfecter les mains à l’entrée et acceptent de suivre des directives sur le site.
  3. Veuillez noter que le temple principal est toujours fermé.
  4. Le service de transport voituriers (Golf) n’est pas disponible.
  5. Il n’y a pas des services de repas du midi, cependant, nous fournirons une collation, de l’eau sur place.
  6. Les repas non végétariens, les aliments personnels ne sont pas permis sur le site.
  7. Les pèlerinages et visites religieuses sont bienvenus. Les pique-niques ne sont pas autorisés.

La Révérende Principale, Thich Pho Tinh



Effective of June 25, 2021, the Quebec government has allowed outdoor public activities and events according to special rules. Therefore, The Great Forest of Pines, Tam Bao Son, decides to reopen its holy places to visitors on weekends from 3/7/2021 to 28/11/2021 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. During the week, the site is closed.


 A logbook is required, for each automobile, bus or motorcycle, at the time of entry to the site. The driver must declare the number of persons in the vehicle, license plate number and telephone number in case of need to contact the Grand Forêt des Pins.

  1. Visitors must sanitize hands upon entry and agree to follow on-site guidelines.
  2. Please note that the main temple is always closed.
  3. Transport service (Golf) is not available.
  4. There are no lunch services, however, we will provide a snack, water or beverage on site.
  5. Non-vegetarian meals and personal food are not permitted on site.
  6. Pilgrimages and religious visits are welcome. Picnics are not permitted.

The Principal Reverend,  Thich Pho Tinh


Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật

Từ ngày 25/6/2021, Chính phủ tỉnh bang Québec, cho phép hoạt động những sinh hoạt ngoài trời. Do đó, Đại Tòng Lâm (ĐTL)Tam Bảo Sơn, sẽ bắt đầu mở cửa đón khách thăm viếng Thánh Địa, vào mỗi cuối tuần từ 3/7/2021 cho đến 28/11/2021. Từ 10 giờ sáng đến 4 giờ chiều. Trong tuần ĐTL không mở cửa.

Xin Quí Phật tử cùng khách thập phương lưu ý:

  1. Mổi xe hơi, xe bus, xe gắn máy, khi vào ĐTL, người lái xe phải ký tên vào danh sách của chùa, khai báo số người trên xe, số điện thoại và bảng số xe, để chùa tiện việc liên lạc khi cần thiết.
  2. Các Phật tử đến ĐTL xin dùng thuốc rửa tay và tuân thủ theo sự qui định của chùa ĐTL.
  3. Chánh điện ĐTL không mở cửa.
  4. Xe Golf không hoạt động.
  5. ĐTL sẽ không phát cơm trưa. Tuy nhiên, chùa sẽ có đồ ăn nhẹ Snack – Collation và nước uống.
  6. Tuyệt đối không được đem thức ăn: thịt, cá, hay thức ăn riêng vào Chùa.
  7. ĐTL Tam Bảo Sơn là Thánh địa, để hành hương hay lể bái. Xin Qúi vị không xem là nơi cắm trại (pique-nique).

Hội Trưởng: Thầy Thích Phổ Tịnh.