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In the Dîghanikàya, Ananda ask the Buddha a question that is at the heart of this work. “Some Buddhist monks, including knowledgeable men, who understand Buddhist doctrine and teachings, or have worth of character, often come to visit you to get advise. In fact, I often ask or discuss with them about your teaching. But, after you have passed into Paranirvana, they won’t come anymore; so with whom I might talk or discuss with? The Buddha answered: “Ananda, you should not be worried, my disciples later on, including Sangha and lay people, will have 4 holy places where they can go to remember my teachings:

The garden of Lumbini – Bodhigaya – Isipatana – Kusinara

In these 4 holy places, they will be able to pay their respects. It is there, after I have passes into Paranirvana, That Buddhist will be able to know the blessings they can hope to attain as they memorise their experiences in these 4 holy places. Then, after they die, they will be able to reach the highest level of the 33 levels of Saints in Tushita Heaven, prior to Enlightenment”

It is in this spirit that we have tried to build Tam Bao Son as a recreation of the 4 sacred places of the historic Buddha. Appropriately, it is here, that we have striven to harmonise the Buddha’s sacred vision, born in the foothills of the world’s tallest mountain-the Himalayas, within these Laurentain foothills, majestic and rolling remnants of the oldest mountain range on Earth.


Especially, the principal Temple gives to the traditional vision of this monastery more peaceful and more useful than everywhere else in North America. According to the teaching of the Buddha, all the Buddhists should have once in their life to pay their respect with 4 holy places of the Buddha.


Our objective is to help promote Buddhism in North America. To this end, our monastery is not only a school for Buddhist monks, but also a convenient place for Buddhist lay people to practice their spiritual life. After 12 long years of work, we have almost finished some of our important projects.

It is here, that the Tam Bao Son has stood solemnly within the natural beauty of this peaceful land where our Buddha statues may reveal their quintessential meanings. An objective that we have consciously striven to craft around the harmony created by the location of the principal Temple.


In fact, Tam Bao Son is the realisation of the Buddha’s teachings. It is a place where all Buddhists, may come, at least once in their lives, to pay respect to the 4 holy places of the Buddha. For us, as a Buddhist community, this is extremely important, as Buddhism is meant for everyone. It is without nation, colour, and is  beyond the limits of any single culture. It is in this spirit that Tam bao Son is being created as an invitation to all!


All the pictures in this book are the fruits  collected by the sangha; Buddhist lay people, the société Bouddhique Chanh Phap, The Union of Vietnamese Buddhist Churches in Canada and other Buddhists communities in Canada between 1988 and 2000.

This Book is now being transferred into as a new website online “State of the Art of The Buddhism” as well, reflects the realization during those twenty years of some of the main projects of the Most Venerable Director Thich Thien Nghi, Founder of the Monastery, whose vision helped guide and drive the successful completion of this important first step in the development of Buddhism in Canada.


It is also, our fervent hope that this book, this website as great Buddhism history as well will help Buddhist scholars learn more about the history of Buddhism in Canada.


We, also, wish to honour all the contributions of all the Sanghas and Buddhist lay people across North America, who helped in the successful completion of this project. All your work is memorialised in the peaceful lands of the Tam bao Son Monastery.


Chers disciples, visiteurs,

L’évolution de la situation entourant la propagation du coronavirus (COVID-19) fait appel à la collaboration de tous. Dans un souci de protection du public et le bien être à tout le monde, d’accompagnement de la directive du gouvernement, la Société Bouddhique Chanh Phap emboîte le pas à cette mobilisation collective en vous informant :

De fermer tous ses emplacements ainsi que tous ses activités hebdomadaires, soit la pagode Tam Bao à Montréal et le Monastère Grands forêt des Pins à Canton d’Harrington jusqu’à nouvel l’ordre du gouvernement ou le moment d’arriver d’un nouveau vaccin contre ce virus.

Toutefois, dans tous les besoins urgent, Veuillez-vous contacter au Révérend Thich Phap Tanh au :

819-687-2183 /514-733- 3841 /514-969-7373 (Cell).

La Révérende Principale, Thich Pho Tinh.


Dear disciples, visitors, 

Developments relating to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have required everyone’s cooperation.

In keeping with our principle to protect the public and the well-being of everyone, to accompany the government directive, the Chanh Phap Buddhist Society follows this collective mobilization by informing you: 

To close all its sites as well as all its weekly activities at Tam Bao’s Pagoda in Montreal and the Monastery Grands forêt des Pins in Canton Harrington until further order from the government or until a new vaccine against this virus arrives. 

However, in all urgent needs, please contact the Reverend Thich Phap Tanh at :

819-687-2183 /514-733- 3841 /514-969-7373 (Cell). 

The Principal Reverend,  Thich Pho Tinh


Kính Gởi quí Phật tử,

Với tình hình coronavirus (COVID-19) hiện nay tại Quebec, để bảo vệ an toàn cho toàn thể đồng bào Phật tử và khách thăm viếng cũng như để đồng hành cùng các cấp chánh quyền phòng chống sự lan truyền vi khuẩn Corona (COVID-19), bổn tự xin thông báo:

Đại Tòng Lâm Tam Bảo Sơn cùng chùa Tam Bảo sẽ tạm ngưng tất cả sinh hoạt hằng tuần và đóng cửa vô thời hạn cho đến khi có chỉ thị mới từ chính phủ hoặc đến lúc có được thuốc chủng ngừa dịch bịnh.

Mọi sự liên lạc cần thiết, xin vui lòng gọi Đại Đức Thích Pháp Tánh tại số:

819 687 2183 /514 733 3841 /514-969-7373 (cell).

Nam Mô Hoan Hỷ Tạng Bồ Tát Ma Ha Tát.

Kính qúi phật tử tường tri.
Thích Phổ Tịnh,
Trưởng ban phật sự.