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The Great Pine Forest – Tam Bao Son (GPF-TBS) will be open to welcome visitors to the monastery as well as pilgrimage to the holy places in the history of Buddha Shakyamuni from May 1st to October 31st on Saturday and Sunday 09:00-17:00.


  1. All organizations are planning to visit the GPF-TBS by bus, please contact our monastery two weeks prior to your arrival by phone at: 819-687-2183 or 514-969-7373, if you are not, access to the site may refuse.
  2. To facilitate the work of our volunteers, we invite the organizers of the bus pilgrimage groups, inform us how many people in your group identified by your logo who wanted to get vegetarian meals according to the meal schedule and time determined by our monastery
  3. Vegetarian lunch will be served from 11:30 to 15:00 a cost of $10 per person, with an additional $10 charge for each extra portion. Please note, after 15:00, when travelling from Toronto, Quebec City or from United States of America, if you like to have vegetarian meals, please contact us by phone or text at 514-969-7373, before 14:00 (accept groups of minimun 4 people.)
  4. Non-vegetarian foods (meats, seafood, eggs, shallots, onions and chives) as well as alcoholic beverages are not allowed on our site, including your own vegetarian product.
  5. The GPF-TBS is neither a picnic site nor a meeting place for people, so we ask visitors to refrain from setting up picnic, tents, singing or playing music and preparing meals on our site.
  6. Sleeveless or too short T-shirts, as well as pants and skirts that are too short and do not cover the knees, do not comply with the monastery's dress code. Attention: garments with an open neckline, exposed belly, transparent materials, or leggings are not accepted in our holy places.
  7. Pets and animal are not permitted on site except for medical issue. A medical or government certificate is required upon request.
  8. Do not hunt or fish at the site, plucking flowers and tree branches.
  9. The golf cart is reserved for people over 65, pregnant women, disabled people and one of their companions, at a cost $10 pe person.
  10. Please take walk to visit our Holy places in order to have more blessing.
  11. Defense to use drones at the site.
  12. No smoking on our site.
  13. Please keep the place clean by using waste baskets.
The aforementioned regulations will be strictly applied on our site.       
With all our respects,       
The Direction of the Great Pine Forest – Tam Bao Son.