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Tam Bao Son monastery was created in 1990 in the honor of the 4 crowned places of the Buddha. During the 10 last years, between its opening in 1990 and 2000, the monastery accomodated more than 20 monks/religious, of which some have had for summer named abbots and of the spiritual chiefs of other Temples. All Sangha (monks and nuns) presented here completed their secondary studies and are of all ages.


The whole of the grounds of this monastery, 337 hectares, is located in the D’ Harrington canton since September 1988. This ground has an abundance of fresh air to make it possible the Buddhist religion to contribute its traditional culture in the Canadian culture; So that all the faithful Buddhists have the feeling of their Buddhist fatherland in Canada. It is natural of convention between the religion and the social culture thought. Here, there are four holy places of the history Gotama Buddha: The garden of Lumbini where Buddha was born, Boddhigaya where Buddha reached the illumination, The Deer Park where Buddha to start to teach the disciples His 5 on the four noble truths, Kusinagaraya where Buddha reached Parinirvana.


Among these four important places of the history of Buddha there is a principal temple Buddhas of 1000, the large statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Buddha of last AMITABHA BUDDHA, the statue of Buddha of Compassion AVALOKITESVRA, MATREIYA Buddha of the future, the statue Buddha to beg for alms, of the protection of the statue of Buddha (Vajanapani Bodhisattva) and the garden with Rahula the statue of Mazu. In addition to these statues, it ya a dormitory for the buddhist monks/religious, and a kitchen with the remainder places for the Buddhists as well. All these construction are managed by worthy majority THICH THIEN NGHI, its disciples (monks, nuns) and its Buddhist members in Canada who contributed to develop their charity Buddhism in Canada.


In 2019, the Great Pine Forest – Tam Bao Son (GPF-TBS) will be open to welcome visitors to the monastery as well as pilgrimage to the holy places in the history of Buddha Shakyamuni from May 2019 to the end of October 2019.


In May, June, September and October: Only Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 4 pm
In July and August: from Thursday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 17:00.


  • All organizations are planning to visit the GPF-TBS by bus, please contact our monastery two weeks prior to your arrival by phone at: (819) 687-2183 or (514) 969-7373, if you are not, access to the site may refuse.
  • To facilitate the work of our volunteers, we invite the organizers of the bus pilgrimage groups, inform us how many people in your group identified by your logo who wanted to get vegetarian meals according to the meal schedule and time determined by our monastery.
  • Vegetarian lunch will be served from 11:30 am and end at 15:00, according to the calendar of meals published in 2019, as the following holidays: The Patriot’s Day, the Buddha’s birthday, Quebec National Day, Canada national Day, Ontario Civics Day, Gratitude Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.
  • The GPF-TBS is neither a picnic site nor a meeting place for people, so we ask visitors to refrain from setting up tents, singing or playing music and preparing meals on our site.
  • Non-vegetarian foods (meats, seafood, eggs, shallots, onions and chives) as well as alcoholic beverages are not allowed on our site.
  • The contribution of the donations to the served lunches is based on the volunteer of each person to get his meal, our organization the GPF-TBS is considered that the organizations have collected the money of the participants to pay the lunches are not correct.
  • Sleeveless or too short T-shirts, as well as skirts that are too high, do not respect the monastery’s dress code.
  • The Golf Cart are only served for seniors, babies and disabled people. Please note that these carts stop at the designated places and are not mounted directly on each holy place. Fees to be paid according to your will.
  • Do not hunt or fish at the site.
  • Defense to use drones at the site.
  • No smoking on our site.
  • Please keep the place clean by using waste baskets.

The aforementioned regulations will be strictly applied on our site.

With all our respects,

The Direction of the Great Pine Forest – Tam Bao Son.
March 2019



Chers disciples, visiteurs,

À partir du 23 mars 2020, le Monastère Tam Bao Son, Canton d'Harington, Québec et le temple Tam Bao à Montréal ferment ses emplacements ainsi qu'arrêt des cérémonies fin de semaine et des activités au Monastère tel que planifié au calendrier 2020 jusqu'à nouvel l'ordre du gouvernement.

De plus, le temple Tam Bao à Montréal annule la cérémonie 'Thanh Minh' qui aura lieu le dimanche 12 avril 2020.

Merci de votre collaboration!
La Révérende Principale,
Thich Pho Tinh


Dear disciples, visitors,

As of March 23, 2020, Tam Bao Son Monastery, Harington Township, Quebec and Tam Bao Temple in Montreal will close its sites and stop weekend ceremonies and activities at the Monastery as planned in the 2020 calendar until further notice from the government.

In addition, Tam Bao Temple in Montreal cancels the 'Thanh Minh' ceremony that will take place on Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Thank you for your cooperation!
The Principal Reverend
Thich Pho Tinh.


Kính gởi qúi đồng bào Phật tử,

Kể từ hôm nay 23/3/2020, Thánh Địa Đại Tòng Lâm Tam Bảo Sơn, Canton d’harrington, Québec và chùa Tam Bảo, Montréal sẽ tạm thời đóng cửa và ngừng tất cả các sinh hoạt phật sự như: các khoá lể hằng tuần, lịch trình công quả tại Đại Tòng Lâm cho đến khi có lịnh của chánh phủ cho mở cửa lại.

Ngoài ra, Chùa Tam Bảo sẽ không có tổ chức lể cúng ‘Thanh Minh’ như dự định vào ngày chủ nhựt 12/4/2020.

Nam Mô Hoan Hỷ Tạng Bồ Tát Ma Ha Tát.

Kính qúi phật tử tường tri.
Thích Phổ Tịnh,
Trưởng ban phật sự.